Certified Paverpol Instructor - Victoria, BC

Workshop Photos

Workshop Friday May 25 – Tall Garden Birds

A wonderful day spent with 4 imaginative ladies – Anna, Deborah, Janet and Lynne in Anna’s new garage workshop! Lots of artistic energy when shaping bird body, beak and tail and resourceful ideas for embellishments. As always I learn from the remarkable ingenuity of participants. Fabulous results for the finished birds!


Workshop Saturday November 4 – Basic Standing Figure

A fun workshop with these five ladies! The first Paverpol sculptures created by Lisa, Madison, Sandra and Stephanie and Jenn’s second Paverpol lady. A very creative group. I’m always impressed with how everyone can start with the same basic frame but produce a uniquely expressive sculpture – each one is fabulous. I’m always learning from the creative ability and skills of the participants!









 Workshop Saturday October 21st – Basic Standing Figure

In this workshop Kathy and Jenn created their first Paverpol outdoor sculptures.  Photo (taken by Jenn) shows the awesome results of their standing figures – one for a front porch and one for a garden.  These friends didn’t think they were all that creative. Their projects show just how uniquely creative they are! Figures need to dry/cure for a couple of weeks then we can add some color with the dry brush technique. Thanks for the workshop opportunity – fun, creative learning for all of us!


Workshop Wednesday September 27 Birds with Long Legs

In this workshop participants made two birds standing about 20 cm and 30 cm tall. After building up a styrofoam ball with tin foil into the desired bird shape. The birds were coated with a mixture of Paverpol, Paverplast and Art stone to create feather-like texture, then painted in the chosen color. Lynda is holding her finished birds – they will be a whimsical addition to her garden.

Workshop Saturday September 2nd Basic Seated Figure

Saturday I worked with Doreen and Julie, in Doreen’s garage, so they could learn how to create their first Paverpol garden sculptures. It was a creative, fun way to spend the day ! Photos of their projects can be seen below (before curing for two weeks then dry brush painting). Their completed garden figurines are exceptional and charming!

The class is very good and I am so happy with my finished project. Hard to believe I have a beautiful paverpol  figurine and it started with some wire and foil
Susanne is an excellent teacher, explains and demonstrates every step and brings example pieces . I would recommend her paverpol class and can’t wait to take my next one. Doreen


Vessel Indoor Sculpture Thursday August 10th


Di’s completed vessel has a gorgeous blue background with silver highlights. Unfortunately the sunny day doesn’t show the color well.